Discover our general conditions

I - Introduction

The acceptance of this document implies that the user has read, understood and accepts the “following” conditions; that he is a person with sufficient capacity to contract and that he assumes all the obligations established in this document. These conditions will apply to the contracts concluded via the website and the application as well as to the service contracts concluded between Cleanzy and the Cleanzy Client. The mere fact of using the Cleanzy services by placing an order or delivering items to our store constitutes acceptance of these general conditions of use “GTU”.

The supplier reserves the right to modify these conditions unilaterally, without notice and at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to periodically read the conditions of this website.

II - Object and procedure of the contract

The purpose of this contract is to specify the contractual relationship created between the provider and the user during the service delivery process. This implies the provision of a service in exchange for a determined price.

Responsibility :

Cleanzy undertakes, within the framework of an obligation of means, to provide access to the application and the website and to execute the cleaning contract in accordance with the T&Cs and to act with diligence and competence and to make every effort , within a reasonable limit, in order to remedy any malfunction brought to its attention. In this respect, Cleanzy is only liable in the event of proven breach of its contractual obligations.

Cleanzy may find itself obliged to temporarily or permanently suspend the application and the website without notice, in particular for technical maintenance reasons, whatever their origin or cause, without this entailing liability. from Cleanzy.

The user undertakes to use the Website and the application in compliance with the applicable regulations and the general conditions. Otherwise, the user is solely responsible for the damage caused and the consequences of the claims or actions that may result. Consequently, the user undertakes to guarantee Cleanzy against all claims, complaints, actions, or recourses of any kind from third parties and to indemnify Cleanzy and third parties for all damages resulting from this use of the website and the application not in accordance with the applicable regulations and the general conditions.

Protection of personal data:

To the extent that Cleanzy obtains personal data relating to Users in the context of the performance of its services, Cleanzy undertakes to use this data in accordance with its confidentiality policy and in compliance with the relative laws. It is recalled that in accordance with Law No. 09-08 promulgated by Dahir 1-09-15 of February 18, 2009, relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. The user can exercise his right of access, rectification and deletion of his personal data, by writing to the address indicated or directly on the platform.

Right to use the application:

Cleanzy grants the user, exclusively for the purpose of using the application and the website developed and made available to him by Cleanzy for the duration of these general conditions and for the whole world, a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable use of the app and the website for the conclusion of cleaning contracts in its own name.

The right to use the application and the website can be terminated at any time by Cleanzy and by the user by e-mail. To this end, the user must send his termination request to and Cleanzy must send his notice of termination to the user's email address registered for the corresponding account. After termination, the current cleaning contracts remain in force until their complete execution.

The user must open a personal account via the application or the website called "Create an account". The user is responsible for the veracity of the personal data provided to the suppliers, this data must be exact and compliant and must be updated by the user in the event of modification (name, address, location, e-mail, telephone, address mail). At the same time, he defines a password that he must in no case communicate to a third party.

Through his account via the application or the website, the user chooses the type of service delivery desired (cleaning, ironing only, alterations, etc.), and the items to be entrusted to Cleanzy (trousers, sweater, furnishings, etc.).

The user will have to select the schedules, the address of collection and delivery of the articles entrusted to Cleanzy.

Each order is concluded at a minimum order amount indicated on the application or the website.

The user chooses the means of payment that suits him by entering his bank details for payment by credit card, or cash payment on delivery.

In the case of payment by credit card, your card details will be encrypted to maximize security.

Credit cards are subject to control and authorization by their issuing entity. If the issuing entity does not authorize the payment, under no circumstances will Cleanzy be responsible for this point, not formalizing the contracting of the home service.

The customer can collect their items directly and pay on site at their nearest Cleanzy store, by selecting the “self-service” icon.

The user receives a confirmation of his order by e-mail.

The user has the possibility through his account to consult the summary as well as the history of orders placed and in progress on the platform in the “My orders” section.

Changing the order

The user has the possibility to partially modify his order free of charge through his account via the application or the website. This can be done up to 4 hours before the time slot selected beforehand for the collection of its articles.

Delivery of items:

Cleanzy will deliver the items to the address indicated by the user when validating the order.

The delivery of the items is only made once the payment has been completed by the customer via a credit card or in cash on the day of delivery. If during collection or delivery, the user (or his designated representative) is absent, and if the user has not canceled or modified the time slot of the service upon the delivery person's arrival, Cleanzy reserves the right to the right to cancel the service contract without refunding the transport costs set at 30 dhs in the event that the order has already been paid online.

Cleanzy assumes no responsibility when delivery does not take place due to the fact that the data provided by the user is false, inaccurate or incomplete or in the absence of the recipient. The same applies for reasons other than those within the scope of the Cleanzy delivery service. Undelivered items will be available for collection at the nearest Cleanzy store (address listed in the “Self Service” section).

The subscriptions :

The subscription has no obligation of permanence. One month of subscription corresponds to a duration of 4 weeks (28 days), you can proceed to a cancellation by e-mail. A cancellation is only confirmed when the customer receives the corresponding cancellation email.

Claims, liability and indemnification:

Any complaint must be made within 24 hours of either delivery of the item to the address indicated or when picking up the item at one of our Cleanzy stores. Any complaint after this deadline will be inadmissible.

The user must examine the parts to check if there are no articles which present defects, which would not have been properly cleaned or which would have been degraded. The same applies if the user notices an error in the delivery relating to the items to be delivered. Items must be counted upon delivery.

Complaints are only taken into account if the Cleanzy service delivery label is still attached to the item in question. This process allows Cleanzy to guarantee that this article has been taken care of by its service. Once the tag is removed from the item, Cleanzy cannot be subject to a partial refund or any other arrangement.

Also, if the article concerned still presents its label, it must not be worn or rewashed under any circumstances so that it is subject to an internal examination by Cleanzy using a reliable method, video surveillance and electronic tagging.

Warranty/Non-Warranty Items:

It is recalled once again that the service provider cannot be held liable in the event of incorrect labeling or in the absence of labelling, whether it is the composition label (cotton, wool, silk.. ) or the care label.

No guarantee is made by Cleanzy on the buttons and trimmings (breakage, discoloration, melting, deformation, detachment, loss by broken threads, buttons discolouring with steam, breakage).

Cleanzy will not be held responsible in the following cases:

- a hidden defect in the part to be cleaned

- damage caused by a hidden defect coming from the accessories of the article to be cleaned (button, sequin, belt.)

Any item that may not support cleaning well may be refused or accepted subject to reservations and without guarantee of results without informing the customer, regardless of the age of the item and this without any compensation from Cleanzy, if there is a dispute. has. Also, for items deemed worn, the service provider reserves the right to impose reservations without guarantee of result on the receipt of deposit of the item without notifying the customer beforehand.

In the event of a dispute, Cleanzy will compensate the user for the value of the article according to the present scale, calculated according to the age of the article if and only if the responsibility of Cleanzy is approved (or proven) .

80% for an item purchased less than 3 months ago

60% for an item purchased less than 30 months ago

30% for an item purchased less than 4 years ago

10% for an older item

Once the compensation process has been initiated, the customer has 10 working days to send Cleanzy any documentation or invoice that he deems appropriate and that facilitates the process of evaluating his garments, in order to be able to propose an amount of compensation. based on the conditions presented above. In the absence of an invoice, the compensation will be equal to the amount of the expertise agreed between Cleanzy and the customer. A damaged item refunded, even partially, is not returned to the customer.

Leather and Suede:

The service provider cannot sometimes avoid:

- Low shrinkage, slight loss of flexibility, changes in colors.

- The revelation of hidden defects resulting from manufacturing (stretch marks, parasitic lesions, scars)

- Unpredictable and poorly known phenomena (polymerization of fatty substances) or dulling of pastel shades.

If the items entrusted to Cleanzy are not collected within 3 months, they may be given to associations or the needy.